Basic PDUs with more than basic options and capabilities.

Optima Basic PDUs

The Optima 5 series products are a pre-designed range of PDUs for single-phase and three-phase applications in various enclosure forms. We’ve selected several of the most commonly requested features from our custom products (such as EMI filtering, remote EPO, and metering) and packaged them into standardized product lines. Here are some highlights of the various models:

520 Series

1U Single Phase

The 520 Series 1U single-phase PDUs consolidate the most commonly requested 1U features and options into an array of almost 100 standard models.

  • 120 Vac, 200–240 Vac, or 100–240 Vac 1Φ.
  • 12 A, 16 A, and 24 A continuous duty ratings (15 A, 20 A, 30 A max).
  • 5-15R, 5-20R, or high-tension C13 outlets (2 on front, 10 on back).
  • Standard main power circuit breaker, indicator, and surge suppression.
  • Options include current and voltage meter, remote switching and EPO interface, sequencing of two groups of four outlets, and an EMI filter.

532/533 Series

2U/3U Three Phase

For higher power requirements, we have the 532 Series 2U and 533 Series 3U three-phase PDUs which provide the space needed for twist-lock connectors and individually breakered circuits.

  • All models are 120/208 Vac 3Φ wye, 24/30 A, with an L21-30 inlet.
  • Standard main power circuit breaker, phase power indicator, surge suppression, EMI filtering, and remote EPO control.
  • Options for location of the inlet on the front or rear panel and a variety of outlets (5-20, 6-20, L5-20, L5-30, L6-20, L6-30, L21-30).

529/539 Series

0U Single/Three Phase

When space is at a premium, the vertically-mounted 529/539 Series 0U models are installed at the back of the rack without using any of the traditional rack-mount spaces.

  • Single-phase in 120 Vac, 200–240 Vac, or 110–240 Vac.
  • Three-phase in 120/208 Vac wye.
  • 12 A, 16 A, and 24 A continuous duty ratings (15 A, 20 A, 30 A max).
  • Full-rack and half-rack models.
  • Outlet types including C13/C19 combinations, 5-20R, and 5-15R.