Bringing discontinued models
back to life.

End-of-Life PDU Replacements

A favorite TV show gets cancelled. Your favorite shoes come only in weird colors now. Your PDU vendor decided your specialty PDUs weren’t big enough business. It’s enough to give a person the “no longer available” blues. We understand that feeling.

At Marway, our business is specialty PDUs. If you have PDUs you like, and need more of them, Marway can help turn those blues around, and create a replacement product for you.

Introducing Optima

Optima is Marway’s name for virtually all PDU products. Whether off the shelf or fully custom, Optima reflects Marway’s efforts to offer flexibility optimized for the application.

Optima PDUs offer tremendous flexibility in power distribution design which consolidates the technologies of power conversion, power conditioning, circuit and outlet control, and system monitoring all in one optimized package. See our complete Optima product information for details about the products.

How to Get Started

Contact us by phone or email with your existing PDU’s manufacturer and model number. If you already have drawings of the product (the manufacturer’s PDF general product drawing for example), that would be handy. Otherwise, we’ll try to locate such a drawing. We’ll discuss which features are critical to your application, which ones you want to keep the same, and which details, if any, can change if necessary.

We’ll look at three approaches. First, there may be an existing Marway product to meet your needs. Not every design we have created is visible in our online product selector. Second, an existing product might be very close to what you need and require only a few minor changes. This can still be an effective starting place. Third, it may be necessary to start a new design project. However, since custom PDUs are what Marway specializes in, the time and cost involved may be much better than what you expect.

Regardless of what we find after we get started, we’ll be able to propose options to meet your needs—and maybe help eliminate those “no longer available” blues.