All the way up to 400 amps and
480 volts, we’ve got you covered.

AC Power Distribution Units

Marway has been manufacturing ac PDUs for over 35 years for defense and industry applications. We have specialized in customizing PDU design and manufacture to meet the exact needs of our customers’ specific applications.

General-purpose PDUs start in the 15 to 30 A range. From there, medium-capacity products between 30 and 100 A are common for industrial and defense applications. Specialized high-capacities up to 400 A are still a regular project for us. Likewise, we work with a wide range of voltages from 24 Vac, often used for control systems, to 480 Vac three phase. While these are typical capacities and voltages, Marway can incorporate virtually any single phase, split-phase, or three-phase power standard needed.

  • Up to 400 A and 480 Vac
  • 1Φ, 2Φ (split phase), 3Φ delta and wye
  • Conversion of source voltage (step up, step down)
  • Conversion of power type (create dc from ac)
  • EMI filters (common/differential modes), surge suppression
  • Voltage isolation
  • Customized circuit branching
  • NEMA, IEC, pin & sleeve, and other connectors
  • Local and remote outlet switching
  • Voltage, current, and power quality meters
  • Remote outlet switching over Ethernet
  • Customized enclosures from 0U to full racks

Marway’s PDU enclosures range from standard rackmount enclosures, custom non-rackmount enclosures, all the way to full-rack-sized systems. We’ve developed products for automated systems test, DVT, communications, industrial systems support, IT, and many other applications.

Custom, Standard, Semi-Standard

While Marway specializes in custom, purpose-built PDUs, sometimes, you just need something kind of standard, and the sooner the better. Our Optima Basic PDUs product lines are suited to just those situations.

Additionally, many of the custom products we have developed are not exclusive to their original customers, and are available as semi-standard products. You get access to more unique features like a custom design, but you take advantage of an existing design. There’s a slightly longer built-to-order lead time than a standard product, but not as long as fully custom project. For many of our customers, this approach provides a “just right” solution.

Search through the most popular standard and semi-standard products in our Product Selector to find the combination of features and delivery time you need. Learn more about getting an application-specific PDU optimized for your application on our Custom PDUs page.