400 Hz?
Sure. We do that.

Powered Up and Flight Ready

Marway has developed and shipped many power distribution units operating at 400 Hz for military and commercial aircraft applications in both on-board and support-role installations. Typically fed from generators on board aircraft, Marway’s PDUs provide distribution and device control for downstream equipment.

For the most part, 400 Hz PDUs aren’t a lot different from other rugged-environment PDUs. However, certain components such as filters and circuit breakers must be selected for 400 Hz compatibility. One less obvious concern is the design of the control scheme in a 400 Hz PDU. Although many 400 Hz compatible control components are available (relays, contactors, etc.), they tend to have a significantly higher cost and lead time than their 50/60 Hz and dc counterparts. One solution is to implement a small universal-input dc power supply in the control scheme, and then utilize control components with dc coils.

In keeping with a “weight is everything” theme for aircraft applications, enclosure chassis for on-board applications can be made from aluminum rather than steel. Understanding the application environment is also important so that cooling efficiency and reliability in conditions with low atmospheric pressure can be considered.

Custom and Semi-Standard

While Marway specializes in custom, purpose-built PDUs, you can take advantage of designs which have already been completed.

Many of the custom products we have developed are not exclusive to their original customers, and are available as semi-standard products. You get access to more unique features like a custom design, but you take advantage of an existing design, and even make changes. For many of our customers, this approach provides a “just right” solution.

Search through the most popular semi-standard products in our Product Selector to find the combination of features you need.

Learn more about our customization capabilities and collaborative process at Custom PDUs for Industrial, Military, and OEM Applications.

400 Hz power distribution unit front panel 400 Hz power distribution unit rear panel