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Factory Sales Contact

For all sales, please contact the factory directly.

Tim Bishop

(657) 229-6431

How To Buy

If you’re ordering a product for the first time, contact the factory directly. If you have ordered through a representative before, you may re-order through that representative.

Purchasing Support Documents

Factory Contacts

Marway Power Solutions
1721 S. Grand Ave.,
Santa Ana, CA 92705

Phone: 800-462-7929

Local: 714-917-6200

Fax: 714-917-6253

Phone Hours: 7 am to 5 pm PST

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Technical Support

If your company purchased or is the end-user of a Marway product, and you need help or information, contact Technical Support.

Phone: 800-462-7929


RMAs and Service

If your Marway product is in warranty, or you have an older product needing service, please obtain an RMA before shipping your product to us (ship to the address at the top of this page).

Phone: 800-462-7929

All Other Contacts