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DC Power Distribution Units

Marway has designed and manufactured numerous dc-specific PDUs as well as PDUs with mixed power forms. Dc PDUs offer the same feature sets found in ac PDUs such as conversion, conditioning, control, and monitoring, but with components specifically designed for direct current. Many designs focus on lower voltage ranges such as 24, 28, or 48 Vdc. However, we’ve designed systems to manage potentials in the hundreds of volts. One of the interesting topics for dc design is connector selection. Compared to ac, connectors for dc are much less standardized. Marway has used power pole style hermaphroditic connectors, specialized battery connectors, circular connectors, screw/lug terminals, and a variety of other styles.

  • Up to 400 A and 400 Vdc
  • DC to DC conversion to change voltage or create isolation
  • Incorporation of inverters to generate AC outputs
  • EMI filters (common/differential modes), surge suppression
  • Customized circuit branching
  • Wide variety of connectors
  • Local and remote outlet switching
  • Voltage, current, and power meters
  • Remote outlet switching over Ethernet
  • Customized enclosures from 0U to full racks

Marway’s PDU enclosures range from standard rackmount enclosures, custom non-rackmount enclosures, all the way to full-rack-sized systems. We’ve developed products for automated systems test, DVT, communications, industrial systems support, and many other applications.

Photo of the front and back of a 20U, 40 outlet direct current PDU. A photo of the inside of a DC PDU with remote dual channel switching.
Each of these dc PDUs (top: 40 outlets each of 80 Vdc, 60 amps; bottom: 2-outlet system for 80 Vdc, 300 amps) were used for automated testing of electronic products. Remote outlet switching over Ethernet was used to power cycle the products during development testing.