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Optima Power Distribution Units

  • Custom PDUs for AC, DC, 400 Hz, up to 400 amps
  • Standard smart PDUs 1-phase, 3-phase, 0U, 1U, 3U
  • Standard basic PDUs 1-phase, 3-phase, 0U, 1U, 2U, 3U
  • 3rd-party out-of-production replacement PDUs
  • Integrate power conversion, power conditioning, outlet control, and system monitoring all in one optimized package

Marway’s Optima PDUs specialize in application-specific designs optimized to meet specific requirements. We’ve developed and manufactured hundreds of systems for a variety of platforms and applications. We’ve also extracted the most common requirements into a series of pre-designed, general-purpose PDUs. These standardized units are available in basic and Ethernet-networked platforms at lower cost and shorter delivery times.

A photo of three Marway Optima PDUs.
Marway’s custom and standard PDUs come in a wide variety of sizes, shapes, and capabilities used for industrial, military, and OEM applications.

mPower DC Power Supplies

  • Unidirectional and Regenerative Bidirectional
  • From 10 to 2000 Vdc, up to 1000 A
  • 1.5, 3, 5, 10, 15, and 30 kW
  • Autoranging provides power delivery (and sinking) of full rated power over a wider range of voltage and current
  • Function generator for custom profiles of voltage and current
  • Programmable using ModBus and SCPI on USB, R232, Ethernet, CANopen, Profinet, and more
  • Parallel operation to increase total power capacity up to 10x or 64x units depending on the model

Marway’s new mPower DC rackmount power supplies include many advanced capabilities usually found only in systems costing much more. The 411 Series (bidirectional) and 311 Series (unidirectional) feature touchscreen user control, parallel system control from a single unit, and a function generator. The 300 Series is a cost effective package with a graphical display. In addition to operational flexibility, all systems include safety features such as user interface lockout, several monitored alarms, and quick discharge circuitry (for units over 200 Vdc).

A photo of three Marway mPower DC rackmount power supplies in 1U, 2U, and 3U sizes.
Marway’s 300 Series 1U, and 311 Series 2U and 3U autoranging programmable power supplies. (Not shown is the 311 4U model.)

TwinPower Auto Transfer

  • Multiple pre-designed models in 120 and 208 Vac, 30amps, with a variety of connectors
  • Custom configurations to meet power and connector needs

An auto transfer switch is supplied by two separate power sources: a primary and a secondary. If the primary power source loses power, the TwinPower ATS automatically detects the power loss, and switches to the secondary source to keep the connected equipment powered up.

The secondary source might be from a separate circuit breaker of the same facility power, or a completely seperate facility power system. An Auto Transfer Switch has a different purpose than using a battery backup system, and a battery system could still be used along with the ATS device.

A photo of a Marway  TwinPower auto transfer switch product.
Auto transfer switches can also be customized to suit the power loads, connectivity, and monitoring needs of the application.

Commander Control Panels

  • On, Off, EPO, audible alarm, isolated auxiliary connectors
  • Available in NEMA 5-15 and IEC C13 configurations
  • Simplified on/off/EPO switch-only version

Marway’s universal control panels consolidate the on, off, and EPO control features used to manage one or more power distribution units. PDUs with remotely switchable outlets can then provide power on/off control in unison to downstream equipment. Additionally, the EPO circuit of the Commander control panels improves safety of the combined power system.

A photo of a Marway Commander universal remote EPO control panel product. A photo of a Marway Commander universal remote EPO control panel product.
Marway’s universal control panels provide remote on/off and EPO control of one or more PDUs.

PowerPlus Integrated Racks

PowerPlus systems integrate the engineering, design, and packaging of customized, turn-key, rack-based control centers where the optimization of power distribution is an integral part of the design objective.

Where critical equipment comes together in a rack system, power distribution usually plays an important role. Some equipment sets will need very specific power conditioning requirements. Some will have a multiude of different ac and dc power forms. And, for some racks, space constraints will dominate the need for creative solutions. Marway can address these design needs and more.

Whether for communications, test automation, field diagnostics, or other roles, Marway can design and manufacture the power platform needed for the application-specific equipment.

Marway PowerPlus integrated rack projects

Industrial, Military, and OEM

Marway’s experience spans thousands of custom PDU solutions for industrial, military, aerospace, and OEM applications. Our products have solved power challenges in numerous speciality manufacturing environments, as OEM subsystems in automated test, semiconductor manufacturing, industrial laser equipment, .

Marway also has a strong heritage in defense programs with products onboard submarines, ships, and aircraft, as well as deployed in mobile and forward base installations.

Illustrated graphic badges indicating that Marway is certified ISO 9001 with AS 9100, builds and certifies products to UL and CE standards, and can meet the requirements of MIL-STD 461, MIL-STD 810, MIL-STD 901, MIL-STD 167, MIL-STD 1399, MIL-STD 704, MIL-STD 1275 and others. Additionally, Marway is TAA, ITAR, and NIST compliant.
A photo collage of applications where Marway PDUs are used.
Marway’s PDUs are used in industrial, military, and OEM applications as part of test and development labs, in ships, submarines, and aircraft, in capital equipment used for manufacturing, and many other specialty applications.

That Special One, or
Those Special Hundreds

Marway’s design and manufacturing processes have served customers needing a single, highly-customized system, to customers needing repeatable orders of hundreds of units per shipment. Whether you need that one specialized feature or chassis design that no one else offers, or whether you need a fully-collaborative design project to optimize a complex system, Marway can help. Likewise, when it comes to meeting production demand, Marway can create that one unit no one else will, or deliver hundreds of units to meet your production planning needs.

A photo of multiple PDUs stacked in manufacturing.
Though many of our custom designs often need only very few units built, many others involve production runs of several hundred units.