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Optima 533 3U Industrial PDUs

The Optima 533 provides the same high power density as the 532 series with even more outlet capacity. A 3U enclosure is used to provide as many as 16 outlets. The 3U chassis size also provides the space for eight circuits with their own circuit breakers and power indicators. This provides the greatest flexibility in the Optima line for planning the grouping of downstream equipment. Surge suppression, EMI filtering, and remote EPO control are all standard, making these units ready for many industrial applications.

Download the Standard Products Catalog (above) for complete details, but here’s an overview of standard and optional features:

  • 3U chassis with removable/relocatable mounting brackets.
  • 120/208 Vac 3Φ wye, 50/60 Hz, 24/30 A, L21-30P inlet.
  • Inlet available on rear panel or front panel (swaps position with the J1 5-20R duplex). The front panel inlet connector can be either a recessed male or a strain-relieved cable. The rear panel inlet connector is always a strain-relieved cable. Cables are 9 feet long with an L21-30 plug.
  • Standard main power four-pole circuit breaker with a power-on indicator for each phase.
  • Standard surge suppression.
  • Standard remote switching / remote EPO interface.
  • Standard EMI filter.
  • Standard 16/20 A utility circuit with one 5-20R duplex (not subject to the EPO system).
  • One set of models includes eight 16/20 A circuits, each having one 5-20R duplex. These eight-duplex models do not include additional twist-lock connectors.
  • All other models include six 16/20 A circuits, each with one 5-20R duplex. These six-duplex models also have three twist-lock connectors as described below.
  • The six-duplex models include two 16/20 A circuits each with one twist-lock outlet. Both circuits have the same twist-lock type with a choice of L5-20R, L5-30R, L6-20R, or L6-30R.
  • The six-duplex models also include one 24/30 A pass-through off the main breaker with one L21-30R connector.
  • Certified to UL 62368-1.
Product examples from the line of Optima 533 standard industrial PDUs.
Marway’s 533 Series of 3U industrial PDUs provide the highest capacity, highest outlet count, and highest circuit count of the standard Optima products. Surge suppression, EMI filtering, and remote EPO control are all standard, making these units ready for many industrial applications.

Remote EPO

The Optima remote switching/EPO feature is primarily designed for use with Marway’s Commander panels. A Commander panel may be connected to one or more PDUs, and thereby provide remote on/off and EPO functionality for several racks in unison. In the 533 Series products, the remote EPO feature enables remote control of all the outlets except for the duplex labeled J1.

A closeup of the Optima 533 indutrial PDU remote EPO controls.

Circuit Protection

All models feature a four-pole UL recognized main circuit breaker, a thermally protected varistor on each phase for surge suppression, and an integral three-phase EMI filter. Each phase also has its own power on indicator. All models are fitted with a 9-foot cable and L21-30 twist-lock plug.

A closeup of the Optima 532 industrial PDU main power controls.

Circuits and Outlets

Two chassis styles allow for either a total of eight 5-20R or 6-20R duplexes, or a combination of six duplexes and three twist-lock outlets. Examples of these two style are shown above. In either configuration, outlets are arranged into eight circuits, each with an independent breaker and power indicator. See the catalog for more specific details.

A closeup of the Optima 532 industrial PDU outlet groups.