From pre-designed to fully custom.
AC, DC, 400 Hz, and more.

Marway Optima rackmount pdu with outlet switching relays

Power Distribution. Optimized.

Marway specializes in purpose-built rackmount PDUs optimized to meet specific requirements while conserving space, weight, and cost. We’ve developed and manufactured thousands of power distribution units for a variety of applications.

Marway’s PDU optimization includes chassis design, connectors, switches, circuit breakers, indicators, metering, software and more. Perhaps more importantly, Marway has the engineering expertise to optimize performance when it comes to power conditioning, conversion, and control.

Learn more about our customization capabilities and collaborative process at Custom PDUs for Industrial, Military, and OEM Applications.

Marway Optima power distribution units for military, industrial, and OEM applications

Standard and Semi-Standard PDUs

Looking for something more general purpose with a quicker delivery time? Marway’s standard rackmount PDUs combine the most commonly needed features of our customized products into a variety of cost-optimized packages. They’re available in vertical 0U, and horizontal 1U, 2U, and 3U sizes for single-phase and three-phase power.

Also, Many of the products we have developed are not exclusive to their original customers, and are available as semi-standard products. You get access to more unique features like a custom design, but you take advantage of an existing design. There's a slightly longer built-to-order lead time than a standard product, but not as long as fully custom project. For many of our customers, this approach provides a “just right” solution.

Search through our standard and most popular semi-standard products in our Product Selector to find the combination of features you need, or learn more on our Standard PDUs page

Industrial, Military, and OEM

Much of Marway’s history has focused on meeting the demanding needs of military, defense, aerospace, and related applications. Our products are in aircraft, ships, and submarines, as well as support facilities and forward operating bases. For these and other applications, we’ve created numerous Single Phase PDUs, Three Phase PDUs, DC PDUs, and 400 Hz PDUs.

Likewise, many industrial and commercial applications require tailored power management where facilities have customized grouping of equipment in uniquely-purposed work spaces. Marway’s customization capabilities provide the perfect open canvas to create the power distribution solutions needed for these environments to operate safely and efficiently.

For original equipment manufacturers (OEM) and value-added resellers (VAR), a unique solution from Marway’ can contribute to creating competitive technical and cost advantages. In additon to creative technical solutions, Marway’s customized packaging can make use of otherwise unused space especially where a non-rackmount chassis is possible.

Learn more about where Marway’s products are used on the PDU Applications page.

Marway Optima pdu end-use applications

Basic, Switched, Metered, and more

Since Marway’s Optima Series PDUs are mostly customized, they aren’t easily classified by the various categories other manufacturers use for their mass production systems, but Marway’s PDUs offer all of those same capabilities.

Switched PDUs include local switching, or remote switching from either a Commander UCP control panel or our RCM Software over Ethernet. Metered PDUs for the display of current, voltage, or power quality are also available.

In addition to the narrow categories and capabilities offered by others, Marway’s PDUs can offer a lot more customization and optimization for your application.

Search our Product Selector for pre-designed products, or learn more about getting a PDU optimized for your application by reading Custom PDUs for Industrial, Military, and OEM Applications.

Marway Optima rackmount PDUs and Commander remote EPO panel installation

That Special One, or
Those Special Hundreds

Marway’s design and manufacturing processes have served customers needing a single, highly-customized system, to customers needing repeatable orders of hundreds of units per shipment. Whether you need that one specialized feature or chassis design that no one else offers, or whether you need a fully-collaborative design project to optimize a complex system, Marway can help. Likewise, when it comes to meeting production demand, Marway can create that one unit no one else will, or deliver hundreds of units to meet your production planning needs.

Search our Product Selector for pre-designed products, or learn more about how to get an application-specific PDU optimized for your application on our Custom PDUs page.