Commander UCPs

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Control panels to integrate remote on/off/EPO.

Control Multiple PDUs Remotely

Marway’s Universal Control Panels consolidate the on, off, and EPO control features to manage one or more power distribution units. PDUs with remotely switchable outlets can then apply power on/off control in unison to downstream equipment. Additionally, the EPO circuit improves safety of the combined power system.

The general functionality of the UCP is shown in the illustration. Power enters the PDU through a relay. That relay is remotely controlled through the UCP. There are a variety of techniques for such a system, and each UCP model offers some unique variations. A mixture of connectors and signals provide flexibility when working with Marway and non-Marway PDUs.

UCP 3500 Feature Highlights

The UCP 3500 is available in black (UCP 3500) and
gray (UCP 3500-001).

  • On/Off and EPO control for all connected PDUs.
  • EPO reset/silence button.
  • Built-in lamp test button.
  • “Breaker On” lamp indicates the UCP has power.
  • Local circuit breaker protects UCP circuitry.
  • Front and back panel 125 Vac, 5-15R utility outlets.
  • UL Listed.
Marway Commander UCP 3500 remote epo panel Marway Commander UCP 3500 remote epo panel

UCP 3500 On/Off Circuit

The power on/off circuit is the primary feature of the UCP 3500. Lighted on/off switches provide easily recognized status on the UCP, and connections on the back of the chassis allow for remote indication as well. Dry contacts, connected at the back panel, provide two channels of on/off control (each can be of a unique power spec), which can be externally branched, to provide a power on signal to as much downstream equipment as needed.

UCP 3500 EPO Circuit

In some applications, particularly those with machinery connected to a PDU, an Emergency Power Off (EPO) may be required. An EPO is a large, prominently placed push button used to disconnect power to all devices connected to the PDU. These buttons are intended to be easy to find and press in an emergency scenario, such as when a person identifies a hazardous condition not handled by the end-point equipment itself. The UCP 3500 provides this EPO circuit including remote capabilities to allow additional EPO buttons to trigger the same shutdown.

UCP 100 Basic On/Off/EPO

For applications which need only the most basic remote on, off, and EPO capabilty, the Commander UCP 100 model offers these features in a cost effective package. Essential buttons are mounted to a 1U panel.