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PDUs by Current Rating

Marway’s standard Optima 5 series basic PDUs, and Optima 8 series smart PDUs are available in the following current capacities.

Additionally, we design and manufacture custom PDUs up to 400 amps, and have numerous pre-designed PDUs which were once custom products, but are available to all customers. We may be able to find a suitable match to your needs from that catalog, or create a new PDU to meet your unique needs.

Understand PDU Current Ratings

For current load carrying products like a PDU, there is a difference between a maximum rating and a continuous duty rating. The ratings shown for most Marway PDU information are maximum ratings when it is not noted otherwise. Here are several examples of common maximum vs. continuous current ratings.

  • 30 amps maximum = 24 amps continuous
  • 20 amps maximum = 16 amps continuous
  • 15 amps maximum = 12 amps continuous

The common “30 amp” rating is known as a maximum rating. That is the absolute maximum amps which the PDU can operate with (as limited by the rating of the inlet connector, circuit breaker(s), wiring, and other components). By requirement of the U.S. National Electrial Code standards, the traditional maximum ratings, by which many electrical products are still identified, must be de-rated by 20% when calculating full, continuous loads. Therefore, any product’s continuous load rating is 80% of its maximum rating.

Marway Optima PDU examples including basic and smart models in various enclosure sizes.
Marway’s standard PDUs are available in both basic and smart families, in multiple sizes, and numerous configurations with 30-amp, 20-amp, and 15- amp capacities. Custom PDUs are commonly created for current capacities up to 400 amps.