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1-Phase PDUs

Marway’s Optima PDUs offer more industrial capability than most commodity PDUs. Entry-level models provide solutions for budget-concious needs, but most models include options suited to more industrial-like environments. This starts with an 18ga steel enclosure, surge suppression, main circuit breakers, and main power indicators as standard on all models. All 1U models allow for an optional EMI filter, remote EPO circuit, compatibility with Marway’s Commander remote control panels, staggered outlet startup, networking, and more.

Inlet voltages include 120 Vac, 200–240 Vac, and 100–240 Vac. A variety of smart and basic models come in 1U and 0U sizes with 15-amp, 20-amp, and 30-amp capacities. All models have a variety of inlet and outlet connector options.

In addition to more than 140 standard single-phase PDUs to choose from, Marway specializes in re-configurations, modifications, and fully-custom solutions as well.

Meeting Power Management Challenges

  • Protecting equipment from noisy power signals.
  • Saving space with consolidation of external power boxes.
  • Meeting the exact connectivity and control needs of specialized equipment.

Standard and Custom

  • We have over 140 standard basic and smart 1-phase PDUs.
    • 120 Vac, 100–240 Vac, 15-, 20-, and 30-amp models.
    • 1U and vertical 0U configurations.
    • Basic, switched-only, metered and switched versions.
  • Marway specializes in application-specific PDUs.
    • Rackmount chassis from 0U to 24U, to rack sized.
    • Custom enclosures for non-rack applications.
    • All standard voltages, 100 amps and higher.

Conversion, Conditioning, and Control

  • Meet EMI standards using filters and shielded enclosures.
  • Mitigate voltage spikes/transients using surge suppression.
  • Integration of ac and dc sources.
  • Conversions for ac-ac, ac-dc, dc-dc, and dc-ac.
  • Local and remote power monitoring and switching.
  • Individually breakered branches.
  • EPO and interlock integration and remote panels.

Networked and Non-networked

  • Non-networked PDUs still offer some remote switching through discrete signals from remote panels.
  • Networked PDUs offer remote control and monitoring over Ethernet using HTTP/S, SSH, Telnet, and SNMP.
  • Remote switching of outlets.
  • Remote monitoring of inlet current, voltage, and power.
  • Event alerts for startup, user login, outlet state change, EPO, current and voltage setpoint excursion, and configuration changes (via SNMP, email, SMS).
  • Scripted automation through Telnet, SSH, SNMP, or RESTful API over HTTP/S.

Compliance and Standards

  • Certified ISO 9001.
  • UL and CE certification (others when required)
  • Designed and manufactured to UL/IEC 62368-1 and 61010-1 (others when required)
  • Environment and reliability testing when required.

Standard 1-Phase PDU Highlights

With over 140 standard single-phase PDU models across multiple product series, defining the options thoroughly is best left to each model’s dedicated web page or the Standard Products Catalog. However, here are a few highlights to glance over.

Standard Features

Every unit has a main breaker, a main power on indicator, and a surge suppressor (details are in the catalog).

EMI Filter

Why choose to have an EMI filter? An electro-magnetic interference filter is one of a few tools which can be used to clean up noisy power signals in industrial-like environments. Most office/IT facilities would likely not need one, but in facilities with machine shops, conveyors, or other large electrical equipment being switched on and off, disturbances get introduced into the power signals throughout the building. Having an EMI filter at the PDU helps protect downstream equipment.

  • For the 520/820 series (1U), an EMI filter is optional.
  • For all 0U models (529/829), there is no room for an EMI filter, so one is not available.

Remote Switching and EPO

The Optima remote switching/EPO feature is primarily designed for use with Marway’s Commander panels. A Commander panel may be connected to one or more PDUs, and thereby provide remote on/off and EPO functionality for several racks in unison. In all models, the utility outlets are not controlled by the EPO, but all other outlets are.

  • For the 520/820 series (1U), the remote EPO system is optional.
  • For all 0U models (529/829), there is no room for the EPO system, so one is not available.

Staggered Startup

  • The 520 series units (1U), have a special option which adds an approximate 2-second delay to the powering of the four Group C outlets. This can help reduce in-rush loads since the 520 has a single circuit breaker.
  • All 8 Series smart PDU products inherently have a staggered powering of outlets during startup. Additionally, on-delays can be programmed uniquely for each outlet.
Product examples from the line of Optima single-phase standard industrial PDUs.
Marway’s standard 1U and 0U PDUs come in a variety of power capacities, outlet types, and with several industrial-duty options. All include surge suppression. 0U units offer more outlets (up to 42), but 1U units offer the space to include optional EMI filters, EPO control, and even in the non-networked 520 Series, the ability to remotely control switched outlet groups.