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Power Distribution Units

Commonly Needed Files

The RCM User Guide covers first-time setup and operation, includes detailed references to CLI and RESTful API commands, and configuration file settings. Also covered is how to perform bulk provisioning of multiple PDUs.

The MIB files and MIB documentation will be needed for any installation planning to use SNMP to monitor or control an RCM PDU. You can also explore these files individually.

The RCM SSL Certificates Technical Note explains how to create a local LAN-based private certificate authority for RCM products. When using HTTPS, CA-signed certificates (whether from a public CA or a private CA) improves both security and the user experience with modern browsers.


Universal Control Panel

Commonly Needed Files

The Commander Operating Guide covers setup and operation of the 5000 and 5100 series units with both normally open (NO) and normally closed (NC) wiring. Includes detailed references to connectors and how to connect to multiple PDUs from one UCP.


DC Power Supplies

Commonly Needed Files

The Operating Guide covers installation, settings, remote control, parallel configurations and more. This document also has the most complete specification references for all models.

The USB Driver allows control of the power supply over USB from a Windows PC using the EA Power Control software or scripting.

The EA Power Control software enables the configuration and control of the power supply from a Windows GUI application. You’ll also need the USB Driver.