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Industrial PDU Applications

  • Test and development, manufacturing, remote facilities, laboratories, service bays, etc.
  • AC, DC, 1-phase, 3-phase, up to 480 volts, 400 amps
  • 1U to rack-sized power distribution and conditioning.
  • UL and CE certification (others when required)
  • Designed and manufactured to UL/IEC 62368-1 and 61010-1 (others when required)

Many industrial PDU applications have unique requirements met only with a customized power distribution solution. Combinations of power conversion and conditioning may be needed to meet the needs of connected equipment. Coordinating equipment in task-specific groups may require customized interlocks, EPO circuits, and other control needs. And, custom or not, regulatory compliance may be a requirement which can be a challenge to navigate. Marway’s experience in product configuration, power engineering, and compliance management provides a single-point service to create the solutions needed for industrial environments to operate safely and efficiently.

A photo collage representing applications for industrial PDUs.

Rugged PDU Applications

  • Ground vehicles, emergency vehicles, surface ships, submarines, airplanes, UAVs, ground support equipment, mobile camps, remote ground stations, and other platforms.
  • Communications, radar, mobile IT, C4ISR, EW, weapon systems, and others systems.
  • Test rigs for development, simulation, and in-line manufacturing.
  • Designed for resilience against vibration, shock, extreme temperatures, humidity, dust, power surges, EMI, and more.
  • Compliant to MIL-STD 810, 901, 1275, etc. when required.
  • AC, DC, 1-phase, 3-phase, up to 480 volts, 400 amps.

Applications range from military platforms and mobile camps, to every-day work in harsh outdoor and industrial environments. In all of them, power delivery must be ready and reliable under the most adverse conditions. In addition to meeting physically rugged needs, Marway’s PDUs deliver robust electrical performance as well. Surge suppression, EMI filtering, circuit isolation, and other design elements can be customized for the environment.

A photo collage representing applications for rugged PDUs in military vehicles, mobile camps, and other harsh environments.

Shipboard PDU Applications

  • Naval ships, submarines, non-military work boats, and pleasure boats.
  • On-board navigation, communications, IT, entertainment systems, radar processing, weapons systems, and other systems.
  • Environmental design considerations for shock, vibration, temperature, humidity, and mold.
  • Rack mount, panel mount, and custom form factors available.
  • Compliant to MIL-STDs 810, 461, 901, etc. when required.

Onboard power for many boats requires a diverse set of power forms and circuits unique to the application and equipment on board. This can require having multiple off-the-shelf systems which consume space and increase weight. A custom shipboard PDU can meet application needs exactly, saving space, reducing weight, and simplifying installation and operation.

Marway’s PDUs are installed in a variety of platforms from 40' pilothouse boats, to Arleigh-Burke destroyers, to nuclear submarines, and others in between. Regardless of size or duty, all mission-critical water craft require stable, filtered power for on-board systems. Marway’s PDUs provide the workmanship, power management features, and design flexibility needed to meet each application’s needs.

A photo collage representing applications for PDUs in military ships and submarines, non-military work boats, and pleasure craft.

Satellite Ground Segment

  • Satellite, radar, radio, and other base and remote facilities.
  • Mission control, NOC, on-premises IT, and monitoring for tracking and telemetry.
  • Launch control, diagnostics, and vehicle auxiliary power.
  • Shelter, hub, and transit case electronics for field deployed earth stations.
  • Manual and automated testing for design and verification, simulation, and manufacturing in-line.
  • Recovery vehicle navigation and communications systems.

Ground station applications supporting communications with satellites, rockets, and other infrastructure networks have specialized power management needs. Field deployed equipment in shelters, hubs, and in mobile transit cases typically need to be resilient in extreme weather and humidity. Equipment attached to outdoor equipment such as antennae and launch vehicles must have lightening protection. Even in comparatively stable environments like manufacturing and test, sensitive equipment connected to power systems must be protected from power surges, and EMI from adjacent equipment. In addition, these applications often need remote monitoring and control of power distribution.

Marway specializes in PDUs for industrial and rugged environments with customized needs for power conditioning and control. Additionally, we can design, procure, integrate, and test power delivery in partially-populated or fully-populated racks. This approach ensures that all elements of the power system are properly matched, connected, and ready for application equipment—saving your team time and resources to put towards your value-added services.

A photo collage representing applications for PDUs in satellite ground segment.

Mil-Aero PDU Applications

  • Deployed in aircraft, ships, submarines, support facilities.
  • CSRR, AMDR, VPM, BACN, and other programs.
  • AC, DC, 400 Hz, up to 480 volts, 400 amps.
  • 1U to rack-sized power distribution and conditioning.
  • Certified AS9100 with ISO 9001.
  • MIL-STD 461, 901, 810, 1275, and others.

Marway has been meeting the unique needs of military, defense, aerospace, and related applications for over 30 years. With products deployed in aircraft, ships, and submarines (such as the submarine radio room shown at the top of the page), we are supplying power management solutions to a variety of programs.

Marway’s products can also be found in test roles, support facilities, and forward operating bases powering mobile data processing to multi-rack test and service bays. Some of the most unique combinations of ac, dc, and 400 Hz power types are found in these applications, and many of them also require creative solutions to meet tight space and weight budgets.

A photo collage representing applications for military and aerospace PDUs.

OEM and VAR Applications

  • Custom sized and shaped enclosures.
  • AC, DC, 1-phase, 3-phase, up to 480 volts, 400 amps
  • UL and CE certification (others when required)
  • Designed and manufactured to UL/IEC 62368-1 and 61010-1 (others when required)

For original equipment manufacturers and value-added resellers, Marway’s ability to create unique power distribution solutions has been a valuable contribution to helping create competitive and cost benefits. Marway can offer creative technical solutions as well as creative packaging. An often unique need for OEM/VAR applications is a custom shaped enclosure for when standard rack mounting is not available as part of the host product. Many of these applications require hundreds of units at a time, and Marway has both the capacity and supply-chain services to accommodate such partnerships.

A photo collage representing equipment which includes OEM PDUs.

Commercial Applications

  • Data processing, warehouses, light manufacturing, laboratories, trade show booths, entertainment, and more.
  • AC, DC, 1-phase, 3-phase
  • Standard products up to 30A, 120/208 or 100-240 volts.
  • Custom products up to 480 volts and 400 amps.
  • UL and CE certification (others when required)
  • Designed and manufactured to UL/IEC 62368-1 and 61010-1 (others when required)

Many commercial applications are well served with our standard networked and basic power distribution equipment. While standard products suffice for many purposes, these environments can still require mixes of power connections, safety controls, and other requirements which standard products don’t offer. Marway often makes minor modifications to our standard equipment to meet these slightly unique applications.

A photo collage representing applications for commercial PDUs.