Thousands of our units
are powering
equipment and applications.

Mil / Aero Applications

Much of Marway’s history has focused on meeting the unique needs of military, defense, aerospace, and related applications. With products in aircraft, ships, and submarines (such as the submarine radio control room shown above), we are supplying power management solutions to many programs. Marway’s products can also be found in test roles, support facilities, and forward operating bases powering mobile data processing to multi-rack test and service bays. Some of the most unique combinations of ac, dc, and 400 Hz power types are found in these applications, and many of them also require creative solutions to fulfill requirements in tight space and weight budgets.

Industrial Applications

Whether for automated test, manufacturing, chemical refinement, or others, industrial applications can benefit from customized power distribution. Customized facilities can have unique power conditioning needs and combinations of power types. Coordinating equipment grouped together in task-specific spaces may require customized interlocks, EPO circuits, and other control needs. Marway’s customization provides an open canvas to create the power distribution solutions needed for these environments to operate safely and efficiently.

Commercial Applications

Commercial applications such as data processing, laboratories, recording, broadcasting, and others often require customized power distribution solutions. While standard, off-the-shelf products suffice for many purposes, these environments can still require mixes of power connections, safety controls, and other requirements which standard products don’t offer.

OEM and VAR Applications

For original equipment manufacturers and value-added resellers, Marway’s ability to create unique power distribution solutions has been a valuable contribution to helping create competitive and cost benefits. Marway can offer creative technical solutions as well as creative packaging. An often unique need for OEM/VAR applications is a custom shaped enclosure for when standard rack mounting is not available as part of the host product. Many of these applications require hundreds of units at a time, and Marway has both the capacity and supply-chain services to accommodate such partnerships.