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Product Brochures

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Standard Products Catalog

Optima PDUs and Commander remote EPO control panels. Networked and Basic power distribution units in 0U, 1U, 2U, and 3U sizes. Over 250 models from 120 Vac/15 amps to 208 Vac 3 Φ/30 amps.

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Custom Products Catalog

Marway designs and manufactures custom PDUs and other power distribution solutions. This brochure describes our custom process and capabilities for industrial, defense, and O.E.M. solutions.

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Line Card

An overview of Marway’s Optima PDUs, Command UCPs, TwinPower ATSs, and PowerPlus rack power integration products.


Graphical diagrams showing various integrations and details of Marway’s products in their typical environments.

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The architecture of power distribution

An overview of key power distribution technologies and how they fit into a test environment.

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The products of power distribution

Marway’s various products and how they fit into test environments.

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The technologies of power distribution

A closer look at the detailed technologies within a Marway PDU.

White Papers - Pillars of Power Management

The Pillars of Power Management are four categories in which the many possible engineering, design, features, options, and capabilities in Marway's power distribution products are organized. These publications provide a light engineering overview of power management capabilities, and the types of solutions Marway offers within each of the four topical areas. Combinations of capabilities from these four pillars is what provides the kind of application-specific, value-added solutions Marway excels at providing.

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Power Conversion

Power distribution is often splitting a power input into multiple outlets of the same power specification. It is also possible to convert an incoming power source into one or more alternative power types.

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Power Conditioning

Power conditioning eliminates a variety of noise signatures from the power signal, thus providing modern electronic equipment the clean, stable power they need to perform reliably.

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Power Control

Whether for safety, redundancy, or convenience, integrating power control features into a PDU can help reduce the complexity, cost, and packaging size of a power distribution application.

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Power Monitoring

For many power distribution applications, the display and monitoring of power quality and status provides confidence that downstream equipment is getting what it needs.

Case Studies

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Coherent Integrates Marway for Increased Efficiency

Coherent turned to Marway for the power distribution module in its HighLight 8000D and gained increased energy efficiency and a reduction in maintenance. See also the related articles in Photonics and Electronics Protection.