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mPower 300 DC Autoranging
Programmable Power Supply

Marway’s lab quality mPower DC power supply includes many advanced capabilities usually found only in systems costing much more. A cornerstone feature is the autoranging dc output. The benefit of autoranging allows a single modestly-powered supply to cover test cases of higher voltage or current compared to conventional power supplies. Autoranging saves capital costs and rack space, and even simplifies test setup. (Learn more about autoranging.)

The 300 Series is a cost-effective power supply with core mPower autoranging and programmability. It foregoes the function generator of the 311 Series in favor of a simpler control system for CV, CC, and CP operation modes. However, like it’s bigger siblings, mPower 300 offers Modbus and SCPI command protocols which can be sent directly through USB or Ethernet.

Powerful capabilities

  • A total of 10 models are available with 1.5 kW or 3 kW output in a 1U enclosure.
  • Operate in constant voltage, current, or power mode.
  • Autoranging power output enables the system to deliver 100% power over a wide range of voltage and current.
  • Active power factor correction of input power.
  • Programmable using ModBus and SCPI protocols on a variety of interfaces.
  • USB for remote control through Windows®, LabView®, and your own custom scripts.
  • Ethernet for remote control using your own custom scripting.
  • Analog Interface for remote control and monitoring of key operational parameters of the system using a PLC or your own custom control circuitry.
  • Parallel output connectivity of up to 10 units.
  • Output Share Bus automates the regulation of current load sharing among parallel-connected units.
  • Output Voltage Sense Bus monitors voltage at the load, instead of the output terminals, to compensate for minor losses in output cables.
  • Graphical display user interface with multiple buttons, and two rotary controls (which speed up data entry) allows for complete configuration, control, and monitoring.
  • Safety features including user interface lockout and discharge circuitry. Built-in alerts for over voltage, current, power, and temperature.
Front and back of an mPower 300 1U dc power supply feature autoranging output power.
The mPower 300 1U dc power supply features autoranging output power, CV, CC, CP power modes, programmable using ModBus or SCPI, and parallel setups of up to 10 units.
An illustration of the 300 Series control panel.
The control panel uses rotary knobs to make data entry quicker. The left knob adjusts the left displayed setpoint (voltage). Pressing the knob in moves a cursor along the digits. Turning the knob adjust the value of the digit. The knobs and buttons are used to navigate menu configurations.

Programming and Remote Control

  • Remote control is available through a Windows® program, LabView®, or through custom scripting
  • Scripting is done using ModBus and/or SCPI protocols
  • 300 Series features USB, Ethernet, and analog remote control

The Operating Guide includes a complete programming reference for these systems. See the Software page for a Windows USB driver, for LabView VIs, and other resources.

The back panel connectors of the mPower 300 1U dc power supplies.

Parallel Setups

  • Up to 10 units in parallel
  • Increase the total current and power
  • Individual units must each be configured to the same settings
  • Use the analog bus to control dc output of all units at once

The Share Bus will regulate the voltage of each unit, and balance the load sharing of current as well. One unit is selected to serve as the reference source for the control limits managed over the bus, but otherwise each unit is operated separately for management of other settings, responding to alarms, and other activities. Using the analog interface, remote parallel control of some operations, such as DC output on/off, is also possible.

Running systems in parallel requires that each unit is the same model number (same series, with the same voltage, current, and power ratings).

The back view of three mPower 300 Series 1U dc power supplies wired for parallel operation.

300 Series Models

Front and back of an mPower 300 1U dc power supply feature autoranging output power.