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mPower 320 Series 3U
Autoranging Slave Units

Unique to the 310 Series, 3U, 15 kW capacity models, a dedicated slave model has been created. 320 Series slave systems have the same power regulation and autoranging capabilities as the 310 Series units, but have a simpler control system, and fewer remote interfaces. This helps to lower the cost of creating large power capacity systems through multi-unit parallel setups. Up to 15 of the slave units can be connected to a single 310 Series 3U 15kW unit. This creates up to 240 kW total power.

Powerful capabilities

  • Up to 1500 Vdc at 30 amps, or up to 510 amps at 80 Vdc.
  • Available in 15.0 kW models.
  • Active power factor correction of input power.
  • Operate in constant voltage, current, power or resistance mode.
  • Auto-ranging power output enables the system to deliver 100% power over a wide range of voltage and current.
  • Parallel output connectivity of up to 16 units to create a total power output of up to 240 kW.
  • Output Share Bus which automates the regulation of current loading among parallel-connected units.
  • Master-Slave bus shares data among parallel units providing a true single-point master for control and monitoring.
  • Output Voltage Sense Bus which monitors voltage at the load, instead of the output terminals, to compensate for minor losses in output cables.
  • Programmable using ModBus and SCPI protocols over USB.
  • USB for remote control through Windows®, LabView®, and your own custom scripts.
  • Simplified controls to optimize cost.
Front and back of an mPower 320 3U dc power supply feature autoranging output power.
The mPower 320 3U slave power supply provides a cost effective expansion companion to the 310 series. By simplifying the system, but matching the same power points, very large capacity systems can be built with significantly less cost.
A graphic table of the voltage, current, and power capacities available.
15 kW model input power options include 208 Vac three phase, or 380–480 Vac three phase. (Note: 1000 Vdc model available in 380–480 Vac input only.)

Programming and Remote Control

  • Remote control is available through a Windows® program, LabView®, or through custom scripting
  • Scripting is done using ModBus and/or SCPI protocols
  • Since normally controlled by a master unit, the 320 series includes only a USB port for remote configuration and control
The back panel connectors of the mPower 320 3U dc power supplies showing the GPIB and AnyBus options.

Master-Slave Setups

  • Add up to 15 units in parallel with a 310 Series master
  • Increase the total current and power
  • Individual units in slave mode are configured by the master unit
  • Software remote control can be used to control the dc output, and monitor the status of all units

The Share Bus is used to balance the internal voltage regulation of each unit, and therefore the current regulation as well. This results in a balanced load distribution. The master-slave bus extends this capability by making it possible for the master unit to display the full true capacity of the parallel system, and to acquire detailed data about the status of the system as a whole, making operation much simpler. Configuration, on/off control, and alarm monitoring all possible through the master unit. (Technically one of these units can be a master, but it won’t have the function generator, and would need to be configured by remote control.)

Running systems in parallel requires that each unit is the same model number except that models from 310 and 320 series ca be run together when they have the same voltage, current, and power ratings.

The back view of mPower 310 and 320 Series 3U dc power supplies wired for master-slave operation.