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MPD Series
Power Distribution Units

The purpose of power distribution is to take a power source and branch it to multiple electrical systems which either share or have dependencies on that same power requirement. The piece of equipment which does this is a power distribution unit (PDU).

A quality PDU from Marway provides a solid foundation of reliable power for any equipment set. Marway specializes in purpose-built PDUs optimized to meet specific requirements while saving space and weight. We’ve developed and manufactured hundreds of systems for a variety of platforms and applications.

Mil / Aero Applications

Much of Marway’s history has focused on meeting the demanding needs of military, defense, aerospace, and related applications. We’re experienced with the details of MIL-SPEC, and the real-world needs of communications, automated test, and in-field platforms such as ships, airframes, and more.

Commercial / OEM Applications

Marway has designed and supplied PDUs for commercial, OEM, and VAR applications. Many of these systems require hundreds of units at a time. An often unique need for OEM/VAR applications is a custom shaped enclosure for when standard rack mounting is not available as part of the host product.

That Special One or
Those Special Hundreds

Marway’s design and manufacturing processes have served customers needing a single highly customized system, to customers needing repeatable orders of hundreds of units per shipment.

Basic, Switched, Metered,
Auto-Transfer, etc.

Since Marway’s MPD Series PDUs are mostly customized, they aren’t easily classified by the various categories other manufacturers use for their mass production systems, but Marway’s PDUs offer all of those same capabilities.

Switched units include remote switching from either a UCP Control Panel or our RCM Software over Ethernet. Metering for current, voltage, or power quality are also available.

Auto Transfer systems include the ability to automatically switch from one power source to another.

Off-the-shelf or Purpose-built

Marway’s PDUs and remote control panels are characterized by choice; your choice of features to suit your application.

We have both military oriented and commercial off-the-shelf products (“COTS”), but specialize in optimizing solutions from modifying existing designs (“COTS-modified”) to developing fully custom solutions.

Optimizations include chassis designs, connector styles, switch styles, circuit breakers, indicators, meters, and more. Perhaps more importantly, Marway's customization includes the engineering expertise to optimize performance in power conditioning, conversion, and control.

Quality and Compliance

Marway has always focused on quality, and delivered products complying with many commercial and military specifications. When certification is required, we can initiate and manage that process prior to delivery.

  • Certified AS9100 with ISO 9001
  • Lockheed Star Supplier recipient
  • UL, TUV, CSA certifications, CE marking
  • UL/IEC 60950-1 and UL/IEC 61010-1
  • Certifications through NRTL testing when required
  • Industry-specific safety compliance

Learn More

To learn more about modified and custom PDUs, call or email, or read on using the links below.

PDU Features and Options

PDU Optimization Technologies

Our Universal Control Panel, the UCP-3500, is a popular addition for providing on/off/EPO control of multiple PDUs.

Our RCM Software™ adds Ethernet-based remote outlet switching through a web browser, Telnet or SSH command line, and script automation using through a RESTful API.

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