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Optima 120/208v PDUs

Marway’s Optima PDUs offer more industrial capability than most commodity PDUs. Entry-level models provide solutions for budget-concious needs, but most models include options suited to more industrial-like environments.

Industrial pedigree

  • 18ga steel enclosure in 1U, 2U, 3U, and vertical 0U sizes.
  • EMI filter standard on 2U and 3U models.
  • Remote on/off/EPO standard on on 2U and 3U models.
  • Surge suppression on all models.
  • Circuit breaker(s), inlet power indicator(s) on all models.
  • Relocatable brackets for flush or recessed mounting.

Numerous Options

  • Smart and basic control platforms.
  • Outlets include 5-15, 5/L5-20, 6/6L-20, C13, C19.
  • Inlets are L21-30P on 9 foot cable, or optional recessed male panel connector on 2U and 3U models.
  • Inlet at front or rear for 2U and 3U models.

Standard and Custom

  • Almost 75 standard configurations for 240 Vac.
    • 20-amp and 30-amp capacities.
    • Another 225 models in other voltages.
  • Customize to get the exact features you need.
    • Gain more control by customizing circuit branches, outlet switching, digital monitoring, and more.
    • Save space by integrating different power sources and conversions in the same enclosure.
    • Optimize enclosures to meet needs for installation, ergonomics, or even non-rack spaces.

120/208v PDU Product Lines

Each link below will open the Product Selector with some preset search options. You may need to refine the search to include the current rating and other options you prefer.

Basic PDUs

There are 53 models of basic 120/208 Vac PDUs available.

Smart PDUs

There are 21 models of smart 120/208 Vac PDUs available.

Pre-designed Semi-standard PDUs

Semi-standard PDUs are products which were a custom design at one time, but which are now available to all customers. They include a variety of outlets, controls, and other options which designs distinct from the standard products.

120/208v PDU Option Highlights

With almost 75 standard 120/208 Vac models across multiple product series, defining the options thoroughly is best left to each model’s dedicated web page or the Standard Products Catalog. However, here are a few highlights to glance over.

Standard Features

Every unit has a main breaker, main power on indicators for each phase, and a surge suppressor (details are in the catalog).

EMI Filter

Why choose to have an EMI filter? An electro-magnetic interference filter is one of a few tools which can be used to clean up noisy power signals in industrial-like environments. Most office/IT facilities would likely not need one, but in facilities with machine shops, conveyors, or other large electrical equipment being switched on and off, disturbances get introduced into the power signals throughout the building. Having an EMI filter at the PDU helps protect downstream equipment.

  • For the 532 (2U), 533, 833 (3U) series, an EMI filter is standard.
  • For all 0U models (529/829, 539/839), there is no room for an EMI filter, so one is not available.

Remote Switching and EPO

The Optima remote switching/EPO feature is primarily designed for use with Marway’s Commander panels. A Commander panel may be connected to one or more PDUs, and thereby provide remote on/off and EPO functionality for several racks in unison. In all models, the utility outlets are not controlled by the EPO, but all other outlets are.

  • For the 532 (2U), 533, 833 (3U) series, the remote EPO system is standard.
  • For all 0U models (529/829, 539/839), there is no room for the EPO system, so one is not available.
Marway 532 Series 30-amp PDU in a 2U chassis with remote EPO, EMI filter, and surge suppression.
The Optima 532 series is a 2U basic PDU (there is no 832 series). Shown is a 532000-000 PDU with L21-30P inlet (cable not shown in photo), 5-20R and L5-20R outlets, remote EPO circuit, surge suppression, and EMI filter.
Marway 833 Series 30-amp PDU in a 3U chassis with ethernet software, remote EPO, EMI filter, and surge suppression.
The Optima 533 / 833 series are 3U basic / smart PDUs. Shown is an 833007-PSW-000 PDU with L21-30P inlet, 5-20R and L5-30R outlets, input monitoring with display, remote EPO circuit, surge suppression, and EMI filter. Optima 533 series are similarly equipped (8 branches instead of 6, and with individual branch lamps instead of the power display).
Marway 120/208 Vac PDUs in various vertical 0U basic and smart configurations.
There are two vertical 0U Optima product lines with 120/208 Vac power inlets: 539 3Φ Basic, 839 3Φ Smart, where each offers full-rack and short-rack sizes. Each includes surge suppression, circuit breakers, and circuit on indicators.
Marway 532 Series PDU with mounting bracket in recessed position.
Mounting brackets are movable allowing for different mounting positions such as the front-forward recessed position shown above. Brackets can also be positioned to allow rear-facing flush or rear-facing recessed positions as well.

Custom PDUs

  • Overcome the limitations of standard PDUs.
  • Protect downstream equipment with integrated surge suppression, EMI filters, and more.
  • Save space by consolidating power conditioning and power conversions in the same enclosure.
  • Improve safety by integrating external EPO and interlocks.
  • Rackmount and custom enclosures.

Marway specializes in custom PDUs optimized to meet application-specific needs for industrial, military, and OEM applications.

Marway’s PDU optimization includes configuration of chassis design, common and specialty connectors, switches, circuit breakers, indicators, metering, remote switching, software, as well as the integration of properly matched EMI filtering, surge suppression, power conversion, and more.

Additionally, we are experienced with a number of industrial and military specifications, as well as managing projects through compliance testing and certification processes.

A photo of Marway custom PDUs for industrial, military, and OEM applications
Custom PDUs open the opportunity to counteract problems with facility power quality, use uncommon connections, incorporate speciality controls, and do this all in a single enclosure to save space, weight, and even cost—all things standard PDUs struggle to offer.