Marway Services

Collaborative and Supply Chain Services

Collaborative Design

Designs can be complex things when satisfying numerous and sometimes competing objectives. Whether for custom multi-rack platforms, or specialized high-volume OEM power boxes, the best designs often come from collaboration. Marway’s engineers are experienced at working within multi-functional design teams, and managing multi-stake-holder projects.

Preliminary concepts, mockups, and even functional prototypes can play a key role in ensuring that complex or high-volume designs are well thought out before committing to final production. Marway is able to offer any or all of these services on a project.

Supply Chain Management

From quality and business performance perspectives, Marway understands and utilizes supplier qualification and supply chain management practices. Therefore, when we’re the supplier, we also understand the role we can play to aid your success.

We understand that each relationship is unique, so we have the expectation and capacity to meet a variety of requirements from supply chain documentation, blanket management, production capacity, etc. To handle dynamic capacity demands, Marway maintains a scalable operation system.

VARs and Application Teams

Marway’s design services are a great resource for VARs and companies with in-house integration or application teams tasked with developing customized solutions for key customers.

We’re able to offer assistance with just the power integration, or the assembly of the whole rack or custom enclosure. This allows your applications team to take on as much or as little as best fits their expertise within the whole project.